Cajun Teddy's TESTIMONIALs

"I am here to tell you that the Cajun Teddy Gumbo Blend is the only way I'll cook gumbo. Simple to use, just mix with water and add my favorite chicken and sausage or shrimp and mud bugs. Why suffer through mixing your own when the best is in the bag! Way to go Teddy and thank you!!" 

Dan Pastorini
DP Quality Foods
(979) 451-9080

"If you are looking for quality Cajun seasoning blends with taste that will surely bring out the best in any meal you cook, try that CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING. Them people at Cajun Teddy‘s in Louisiana know how to create taste without all those bad ingredients and did you guys forget to put salt in your blends. I love the low-salt in your seasonings. I love all of them. Now I can also lose a few pounds without all that salt I've used in other seasonings!!!!" 

Elaine Harris
Houston, Texas

"I made turkey gumbo with Cajun Teddy Gumbo Blend. It was one of the best things that I ever cooked and could hardly wait until we had turkey again to make some more. I made chicken and seafood gumbo with Cajun Teddy's Gumbo Blend and it was always the perfect blend of seasoning and flavor that could get anyone's attention from the very first bite. CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING makes it right. CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONINGS are the best I have ever used, they are not just salt and cayenne pepper. They are the perfect blend of spices to compliment any pot of food and give it that authentic Louisiana Cajun flavor. And if you like your food really hot, try CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING, the EXTREME HEAT version. It will do you right." 

Char Savoy

"We in Southwest Louisiana have all been raised on variety of foods. From our seafood to pork, beef, duck and poultry. Cajun cooking is all about flavors! I have been using CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING since being introduced to them by it’s owner Teddy Broussard. I have used and sampled each product and have found that the flavor is what we grew up on. The food and flavors that our Grandmothers passed down to us. And there is no msg, no black pepper, no sugars and a substantial reduction in salt. I would recommend CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING products to anyone looking for a new, healthier flavor for their cooking." 

Milton A. Collins
Collins Investigative Services, LLC

"CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING products have everything covered. From that authentic Cajun flavor to the healthy benefits that many people are looking for today. I was truly amazed to see the reduction in salt contents, no msg, no black pepper, no sugars that CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING products offer. I invite you to compare CAJUN TEDDY PREMIUM BLEND SEASONING products to others on the market today. From the mild, spicy, extreme heat, lemon blend in the canisters to the gumbo blend and the fish fry blend in the bags, you will not have to second-guess what Cajun seasoning products to purchase after the first time you purchase these products." 

Lillian Gonzales
Jennings, Louisiana

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