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Cajun Teddy's Products

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Cajun Teddy™, LLC is proud to announce it’s seasoning products to the public who truly think of their health and eating habits as a priority. All our products that we blend are made of natural herbs and spices. Our products have no MSG, no black pepper, no sugars and a “substantial reduction” in sodium. Introduction to our seasoning product line includes: Mild available in 7 and 3oz canisters, Spicy available in 6 and 3oz canisters, Extreme Heat in 6 and 2.75oz canisters and Lemon Blend in 6 and 3oz canisters. Our Gumbo Blend is packed in 6 ounce plastic bags which should produce enough gumbo for a family or group of 4 to 6 people. You will get that authentic Cajun gumbo taste in every gumbo you prepare. Our seasoned Fish Fry Blend packed in 12oz plastic bags will undoubtedly deliver that “knock-out-taste” to what ever you may choose to use it on for your frying endeavors.
When using Cajun Teddy™ Premium Blend Seasoning products you will quickly realize the purpose behind Teddy’s agenda is to formulate very healthy products for your health as well as your eating enjoyment. All of his canister seasoning blends are all-purpose and can serve as a meat rub as well as for cooking with or applying to your cooked food. You can also use the canister seasoning blends to marinate if you like and place them in the refrigerator until cooking. When we say all-purpose, that is what we mean. Each of our seasoning products in canisters can provide unlimited taste to any meal you prepare, salads of all kinds, popcorn, dry cereal or other choices you may have.
Take a minute or so when you are shopping and check out the ingredients of other seasoning blends and the nutritional facts and then compare your findings to that of the information that represents Cajun Teddy™ Premium Blend Seasoning products. Consider that with our products you not only get great-tasting products, but you get very healthy seasoning products that are great for your body as well - without harmful additives. You will not be wasting your time in the comparison in other products to Cajun Teddy™ Premium Blend Seasoning products. The next time you need to replenish your pantry, you will know Cajun Teddy™ Premium Blend Seasoning products are the ones you need to pick up in your local grocery store, saving you time as well in choosing a healthy product.
We thank each of you so kindly for your time you allowed us by visiting and considering information that we have provided each of you and your friends or neighbors across the country regarding Cajun Teddy™ Premium Blend Seasoning products. Once you have tried our seasoning blends, fish fry or gumbo blend, you will have realized you’ve embarked on a new era of premium seasoning blends. We know we will make you proud that you considered and purchased our Cajun seasoning products for both your health and eating pleasure!