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About Cajun Teddy

Deep in the heart of Louisiana's premiere Cajun outback is a community that is still virtually unspoiled since the time the early Attakapas settled it’s live oak ridge Chenieres on what is now only one of three naturally forming land masses in the world. Home to some of the most breath taking and unique scenery in the South, this parish heavy in French-Acadians and Spanish ancestry, is a virtual cultural jambalaya ever assembled on the planet. Spectacular marshes, chenier's birding, shelling, photography opportunities, alligators and migratory flyways are just some of the natural gifts the Parish of Cameron still offers.
Much like the diversity of a culture and the land masses, one of the things that make this area unique is its delicate blend of natural herbs, spices, seasonings and its array of culinary assemblies known throughout the world. It’s seafood quality, beef production and its treatment of pork, poultry and various seafood (sometimes altogether) is a hint of the cultural mix or the diverse people that in most cases originated from the Acadiana providences of Nova Scotia-Canada, with a smattering of Spanish-German and Native American descent.
This is the land of Teddy Broussard, A Cajun by birth, but a Louisiana life-long resident by choice. Cajun Teddy was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana to Woodrow Wilson Broussard and Leona Theriot Broussard, all native born descendants. Having direct ancestry from Nova Scotia, the Broussard's settled in the area known as Creole and the Theriot's settled in the area known as Chenier Perdue, both places centered on the Chenier Plains in Southwest Louisiana in Cameron Parish. This Parish is most notable for it's remote history and originally being an area of lawlessness in the early 17th Century that has now become one of the most prominent and most sought after scenic byways along the Creole Nature Trail.
Cajun Teddy Broussard began his early education in Grand Chenier until Hurricane Audrey in 1957 caused him to transfer to South Cameron in Creole where he graduated in 1965. Teddy, having grown up in the mud flaps of Southwest Louisiana and being a prominent outdoorsman in hunting, fishing and trapping, quickly learned the secrets of blending the various natural spices to complement the many cadres of food sources necessary for the family's survival. His mother, Leona Broussard, grandmothers Clarice Domingue Broussard, Agnes Savoy Theriot and Uncle Clyde Theriot have all contributed to Cajun Teddy's unique seasoning blends and his slow cooking technique for all sorts of domestic, wild game meats and seafood.
Like most Southwest Louisiana gentlemen whose core family value was always a high work ethic, Teddy originally sought employment in the local oil field construction industry and even dabbled in Nashville co-writing songs with Karen Miller having penned approximately 50 songs while living in Nashville. Some of those songs included “Mississippi Riverboat Man", “Little Music Box", “A Fire Never Burns Twice The Same" and “Kings Never Really Die" (A Tribute To Elvis Presley) Teddy also co-wrote songs with Jetty Furs, a local musician and recording artist today. The two have written approximately 150 songs and continue to collaborate today. Some of their songs include “lf He Doesn't Care For You", “l'm Just A Cajun", "Travelin' On A One-Way Street" and “Ballad Of A Twenty-Dollar Guitar Star".
Teddy relies on his deep, spiritual beliefs and his love for his fellow man to maintain his presence in this community by pursuing his first love, which is Cajun cooking' and the prominence, wealth and satisfaction he got from preparing these dishes for his family, friends abroad. As most individuals with Cajun ancestry, families were not treated with the finer cuts of beef, pork, poultry as others could've been and had to rely on preparing all cuts of wild game, domestic poultry, pork and beef by using local salts, spices, seasonings and other ingredients that were really the product of generations of fine cooking.
In 1999 Cajun Teddy started experimenting with various Cajun seasoning recipes he developed due to his dissatisfaction with the heavy salt blends that were on the market. His passion was to enhance the natural taste of foods conflicted with other so called blends that tended to over power or change the natural presentation. Teddy realized that in order to accent traditional Cajun foods, a healthier more robust blend had to be delivered that not only 'peppered' food, but enhanced the richness, texture and presentation of foods as well. This is at the heart of Cajun Teddy's array of blends, mixes, fish fry's, seafood boils, gumbo blends and future products he will present in upcoming months. Whether it's the lemon fish blend, gumbo blend, fish fry, seafood boil and other eventual products, you will experience a bit of history and unique culture in every bite. So pick your passion, rest assured and be warned, once you experience CAJUN TEDDYS™ PREMIUM BLEND SEASONlNG, we will not be responsible for the personal pleasure you will experience and the long line of family, friends and acquaintances that will grace your door for their share.